Distractions and Destruction

A few months ago, I posted about how I had felt a disconnect with my writing and even my relationship with the Lord. God brought people into my life that very week who spoke words of truth, encouragement, and life. They were honest and bold which is what I needed. And somehow, a couple of months have passed and how much writing have I accomplished? Not much. I have a list of ideas that I have quickly put into a file on my phone but I have not been diligent enough to follow up and follow through.

So what's getting in my way? I could lie and say, "Heck, if I know." But to be honest, there are so many distractions and to be brutally honest, sometimes I enjoy the distractions more than the hard work of looking at God's word and putting down what He says to me. Because usually, His words to me are convicting and I don't really want His double-edged sword to cut away what I so lovingly build up. I'm a firm believer that running is a great exercise for the mind and body but running from the Lord is nothing but destructive.

Whenever we've covered the Book of Jonah in church or Bible study, I find myself snickering at poor Jonah. What a loser. God clearly told him what to do but because of mistrust and fear he took off. Did Jonah not think the all knowing, powerful God he feared would not see him? Silly Jonah. Jonah ended up in wrecking everyone else's lives and sitting in a stomach full of whale bile for three days - me, not so much. I go along with my nice little life of comfort - trips to the grocery store, run the kids to and fro and send a few funny texts to friends. No destruction, no whale vomit but certainly no growth.

The things that suffer the most are sometimes unseen. The friendship with the Lord, first and foremost, takes a nose dive. He doesn't withhold, He waits. But there's me, running and avoiding. Sometimes I'd rather jump on the boat piloted by people I barely know than sit alone with thoughts and my Bible.

Last week, one of the dear friends who confronted me for not writing stopped me in the lobby at church to say, "I keep looking but I haven't seen anything from you." And while I know Kelly isn't the Lord, He certainly keeps using her to remind me. God keeps looking and waiting to see what we all have to say. He's kind and patient and sincere. And honestly, He delights in us. He sings over us. These are the things to remember when it's time to put on the brakes and make the u-turn back to Jesus.

I'm trying to get over the writer's block. Sometimes the first steps are simply going through the motions. Sit down, throw open the laptop and let the fingers do their thing. The words are in the mind and on the heart. A simple prayer of, "Speak Lord, your servant is listening" may be all it takes.

What's blocking you these days? What's getting in the way of the mission God has put in your life - are you distracted? Let's all lift each other up and pray that we all stay on the path the Lord has directed and not make our way to the belly of the whale that waits to swallow us. There's more out there for all of us.