Hard Reset

Several friends have posted that we are resetting our lives with the current viral crisis. Never before has our global community experienced this phenomenon. Schools, churches, and stores are all shut down with no re-opening date yet on the calendar. Our government and healthcare leaders are all working around the clock to test the sick, heal the sick, keep our economy from completely tanking, and just plain reassure the general public that this, too, shall pass.

As I fell asleep last night I thought about this as a "hard reset" - something I had to do with my laptop just the other day. Typically, when you power down your computer you save and close unfinished work so it can be restarted and not lost forever. How many things were we not able to save and close properly before life shut down? My own daughter has a room full of things at her university but we aren't returning to collect her belongings until we feel it's safe. Millions of kids left classrooms without saying good-bye to teachers and many fear they won't see them if this continues into what would be summer break.

Our routines have been upended and suspended - it feels as though we shut off the laptop without saving things. The other day when I shut my computer down, I made sure to save the manuscript for the book I am hoping to publish soon. I would lose my mind if five years of work was lost! I ignored other documents that weren't so important. What parts of our lives will be sure to save and go back to once this is all over and what things will we realize are superfluous? I'm seeing how much of my daily stress is self made and how in some ways I became addicted to being busy. Without a packed calendar of work, activities and social gatherings, I'm left alone with my own thoughts and I'm left alone with God.

And that's what I think this all boils down to. Not whose fault is it, or did God send this, or did we deserve this because we are all so sinful and is this the end of times or is this just science? Did another country do to this to us on purpose or did our own country ignore it on purpose? I don't know and I know in the end it doesn't matter. God is what matters. Time with Him. Time to reflect on how He loves us no matter what. We can accept what is and trust like Job or we can be like his friends who wanted to point fingers. Who are we to accuse anyone or accuse God?

What will be saved in your life when this is all over? Will you keep the steady stream of appointments? Will you rekindle the friendship you let fizzle out because you realize you took that person for granted? Will you meet with God in this time of quiet and let Him minister to your soul? Will you remember Him and meet with him later when the world starts back up again? What will be saved and who will be saved when this is all over?

My husband who has worked in the IT field for a few decades would always say to me that a hard restart is tough on any system. Sometimes things aren't able to be recovered but sometimes it's the only way. So many of us have complained or lamented about how crazy and non-stop life can be - perhaps this was the only way to see things differently or to finally come together as a nation. I don't have any or all of the answers but I know the Lord does. I know that though we are slayed right now we will hope in Him.