He Sees You


It’s come to my attention lately that a lot of people wonder if anyone sees them. Lots of ladies I’ve spoken to, say, “I walk into a room and no one says hi.” Or “I volunteered for that project and no one called me back.” Or “I sent a gift or gave something and no one said thank you.” I feel this way a lot, too. I wonder if anyone sees the hours I pour into my kids homeschooling. I wonder if anyone noticed I parked the car so the driveway could easily be shoveled. I wonder if anyone sees when someone hurt my feelings and embarrassed me.

That’s when I think about El Roi. I mutter that name of God over and over in my mind and under my breath. This name for God was used for the first time in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 16. Here we have Hagar who was, as I like to say, “darned if she did and darned if didn’t.” She was the maid servant to Abram and Sarai and when those two could not conceive, they circumvented God’s plan and Sarai asked for Abram to continue his heritage thru Hagar. It doesn’t take a PhD in psychology and sociology to know this wasn’t going to end well.

Before too long, Sarai’s jealousy of a pregnant Hagar boils over and she tells her husband to cast her out into the desert. So off she goes to be exiled from the family. The family she was forced to help create! Don’t we often feel this way? NO matter what you do, you can’t win? You choose to help a family member and they later blame you for their problems. You choose to stand up for what is right, only to be gossiped about. You choose to take a job that pays a little less because it gives you more time at home, only to be saddled with more bills.

That’s when we must speak His name. El Roi. The God Who Sees…the God Who Sees me and you. He sees you trying so hard with your kids. He sees you doing the kind thing to the enemy who just spat out harsh words. He sees you crying alone because nobody understands. There Hagar sat in the desert, ready to lay down and die, when the God Who Sees sent His angel to minister to her and proclaim the coming of Ishmael. The angel also tells her she needs to go back to that family who hurt her, but she would now be blessed. Hard! Too hard! Do you really think she’d want to go back? I sure wouldn’t want to!

But with her head held high, Hagar said, “Truly, I have seen him who looks after me.” (Genesis 16:13) That’s where gratitude and thankfulness comes in. That’s where we literally count our blessings and say, “I’ve seen Him help me before. I know He sees me and I know He’s here now.” When it feels like you’re darned if you do and darned if you don’t…El Roi looks on you with love and pride and He is faithful to you.

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