Let The Redeemed Say So

In the days of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we have instant access to people's triumphs and failures. It takes no time for a remarkable photo to travel the world and for everyone to marvel at their screens at some great feat. Likewise, bad news travels even faster. The real miracles and the real triumphs must be told. While a picture is worth a thousand words the many years and many tears behind a redemption story must be honestly and humbly described, otherwise those in the middle of a trial will not know what is possible for them.


How would we know about the miracles of Christ if those who received them hadn't run and told others? Christ restored hearing and sight and gave lame people the ability to walk. And quite possibly, the greatest miracle He performed was to forgive the unforgivable. He forgave the lying, cheating tax collectors and dined with them. He forgave the adulterous woman and restored her dignity before others. He asked His father to forgive the angry mob who beat Him, who spat on Him and brutally murdered Him.

So what do you do with a miracle? Christ once told a crowd in Mark 7 NOT to tell about the miracle of healing a man's ears. And the Bible said, the more He told them not to tell the more zealous they became and they told everyone. It's always a mystery to me why Jesus didn't want people to say anything. Perhaps a true act of humility or perhaps He was protecting Himself. No matter His reasoning, the crowds were so "astonished" they couldn't keep Christ's marvelous work to themselves.

What miracles are we keeping to ourselves? The hearing of a miracle brings hope to the listener. Impossible situations seem possible. When we have been brought through addiction, adultery, illness, betrayal, abuse or financial ruin and we can stand and say, "I once was blind but now I see", we must say so! How would anyone know miracles were possible if we kept them a secret?

Psalm 107:2 says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy." This is not a suggestion but a command. Tell someone how the enemy had you in its grip and how the Lord brought you out. The purpose is not to boast of your own ability, no matter what you believe, we all know huge obstacles are not overcome on our own!


In a few days, we celebrate the ultimate miracle of an empty tomb. Those who witnessed the empty tomb and ultimately Jesus walking among them again, ran and told others. Our world would not be the same if they had kept this miracle to themselves. A tidal wave of love swept the world as witnesses shared what they saw. The call to tell our stories is meant for us today, even more. The hopeless hurting world needs to hear the redeemed say so.

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