Our Hearts are a Highway

Psalm 84:5 (ESV)

Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
in whose heart are the highways to Zion.

Whereever you go, there you are...but how you get there matters. Where I live, the back roads are beautiful and one can usually travel them at their own pace but you don't get anywhere fast or directly. A highway is a straight path to a destination, it's usually devoid of stoplights, slow moving vehicles, sharp turns and steep hills. While highways have their difficulties like angry drivers, tractor trailers and sometimes high cost tolls - they are usually the best way to travel.


God tells us that our HEARTS are the highway to Him. Not our good deeds, not our past, not our future - just the heart. He cares not for our bank account, our academic success or how well we have raised our kids. Are our hearts set upon Him? If so, He is faithful to meet us along the highway and show us the way. If not, we may be stuck on the winding and wandering back roads of life often feeling lost. When we try to meet God by our own deeds and own standards we find ourselves not moving towards Him at all.


Upon examination of the heart, we find how we really feel about Jesus. Deep down we either love Him and want to be near Him or we find Him offensive, frightening, unfair, or just too far to be reached. Like the lost driver who ought to stop and ask for directions, we need to ask God for His direction when we are not completely focused on Him. He offers His strength and promises to be close to those who come close to Him. He offers a destination that is realized by way of faith alone and not our good works and deeds.

How thankful we should be to know that the God of the Universe desires a relationship with us and provides us with a direct route. Our hearts and His son. Love so amazing and so divine that demands our hearts and our all.


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