Saving Love for Later

A dear friend of mine recently received a daunting diagnosis. One that has resulted in many tests and now a fairly rigorous treatment schedule. In an instant, the number of friends who have rallied and come to her family's assistance is mind boggling. Within minutes of posting the meal schedule for her family, the schedule filled and I received texts and phone calls asking to add days because there were no more available spots.

There is another schedule for those who could drive her to appointments. These spots have also "sold out"'s like time with her is as popular as tickets to the latest boy-band concert. She and I have had a good chuckle at her popularity...although deep down she is so thankful to be so deeply loved and we all look at this love in wonder. It's so selfless and beautiful.

I texted with my friend the other morning. With tears falling from my eyes, I posed the question, "Why do we all wait so long to love?" And, "Why does it take something like this?" Why do we withhold our love or time from someone until the crisis or the diagnosis? She replied by saying she thought we are all over-programmed with the things of this world that don't really matter, and when the news of something hits, it awakens us to what really matters - love and relationship.

Mary and Martha come to mind. In Luke 10, Martha welcomes Jesus into her home. But oddly enough, Martha did not sit and listen to his teaching. She went about with the harried housework and her sister, Mary stopped everything to sit at His feet. Martha was saving the time to sit and learn and love for when all the jobs were finished. I wonder if Mary had the sense that this moment with Christ was going to be rare and that she should make the most of His presence. Martha even complained to Jesus about her sister, saying He ought to tell her to help. Jesus quickly reminds Martha that Mary has her priorities straight. Mary made Him the priority and knew the housework would be there long after He moved on.


My friend is so in love with her Savior. We have the best conversations about Jesus and how the Holy Spirit is moving in our lives. We each learn a little bit more from each other about Jesus while the world scurries around. We sit together at His feet, hanging on His every word. What I've learned from the past few weeks is to not save love for my friends or my Savior for later.

The work and the to-do lists will always be waiting. The opportunities to love someone or listen to their heart are right before us. We don't just honor people when we take the time to love them, we are honoring Christ.


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