Serve Not Solve

Sometimes my NewsFeed and the tv news and the prayer list at church is too much. The various causes and needs featured at our church's Mission Sunday seem too big and too huge. I have friends who walk for breast cancer and human trafficking and I marvel and the enormity of these problems. Some of the problems facing my closest friends send me reeling with tears and worry.

Lately, I have a phrase rolling around in my brain. Serve not solve. And as I wrestle with this phrase and what I'm to be learning from it, I realize there is no where in God's Word that says He will solve our problems or that we are supposed to solve other people's problems. Only a few times does the word "solve" even appear and when it does it's referring to God giving people special gifts to solve riddles or dreams.

We do have a God who sent His son to serve and walk this earth to serve mankind. Christ gave us the examples of serving one another by feeding, washing and comforting. Yes, there were miracles of removing blindness or illness in an instant, but those people still had to walk out life on this planet and likely faced other struggles. The message is do what you can do. Mother Theresa said, "If you can't feed a hundred people then feed just one."

I don't think God wants us to solve problems. I think He wants us to serve people and walk out those problems with them. The breast cancer survivor who watches her friend march proudly for her is encouraged and strengthened. The single mom who has groceries brought to her by someone who seeks nothing in return knows that God sees her. The mom who sees her baby cuddled by the foreign missionary knows that someone from far away cares about her child.

I have a friend who has serves as a mother to many once orphaned children. We are all cheering her family on as they seek to adopt a sweet little boy from China. While she knows she can't take on every orphaned child in the world, she can provide a home for one more. I haven't had the tug to adopt but I can serve this family by helping with a few dollars to help expenses and I can serve them with prayer and encouragement.


Just do one thing and don't take on the problem of solving. Jesus said, "in this world you will have troubles". He didn't say, "Now clean this place up, I'll be right back when you fix it all." Serve someone today, start small and then step out where it's a little more uncomfortable. Then watch for the hope on someone's face or hear the relief in their voice as they say "thank you" through their tears. Serve with gratitude for the One who came and served you.

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