Suddenly It's All About Life

I have written this blog for over five years at the prompting of a friend and mentor in my faith. I have purposely kept my topics Bible and Jesus centered and have tried to keep myself from delving into politics too much. Which is ironic as I was a political science major in college and loved a good debate back in the day. I stay away from the political here because I want to focus on and share the love of Christ, not a political platform. I see so many friendships and families split over politics and it breaks my heart - I think it breaks God's heart, too.

Back in the day, we defined politics as the study of a government's allocation of goods and services and how that pertained to a population. It's become much more complicated in the days of social media. Politics can mean opinions about a way of life. Anyhow, this morning, it occurred to me that all of a sudden, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has become pro-life. I might lose a few friends here but hear me out.

Up until a few weeks ago, my news feed was often filled with pro-abortion or pro-life posts depending on which friend popped up. I have dear friends on both sides of the argument. I have friends who have had abortions and defend their decisions, some that grieve their choice, and some friends who can't fathom making that choice. The Planned Parenthood video exposes of a few years ago ignited the pro-life movement and put the subject in front of Americans especially like never before. We've recently had movies made on the topic and young people joining the pro-life movement in larger numbers than before.

The Covid-19 virus came on the scene a few months ago and we in America watched from afar. The cases then crept around the globe. Some prepared by stocking up on food, medicine, and yes...toilet paper. Today, many states are in lockdown as we watch in dismay as cities like New York City are dealing with a tsunami of sick people. Car companies like Ford are working to make respirators - life saving, life giving machines. Small businesses are shuttered or are pivoting to provide food and services to the needy. It's been established that the older or those with auto-immune diseases are vulnerable and people who are well are doing everything in their power to save and assist those who are vulnerable. That's it...that's the pro-life movement.

I'd pray that the pro-abortion folks might see for a moment the irony and the similarity in what's going on right now. We are all fighting for the vulnerable. That's what the pro-life folks are asking the pro-abortion folks to see. The value of vulnerable, helpless life. Even now as our government debates about when to restart our economy, people are angry saying that re-opening businesses too soon will mean the death of many. They are saying the government has no right to pick and choose who lives and who dies.

God knit all life together - the pre-born, the young, the old, the immune-compromised. He knit together the Chinese, the Italians, the Americans..."we are all precious in His sight," just like the song we sang in Sunday school decades ago. The disease and death is destructive but I am seeing beauty in these ashes. People are pulling together to fight for life...I pray the fervent cries for life will transcend this viral outbreak and that when we get back to every day life we will value ALL life as precious and a gift from God.