Taken Care Of

I'm about two and a half weeks away from taking my first mission trip. Many months ago our church was presented with a few trips to choose from and I immediately chose Haiti. My decisions were confirmed over and over through prayer and discussion with my husband. I have not even embarked on the first leg of this trip and God has already used this process to teach me more about Him and His character.

I wrote a while ago about my trip and how I have realized that God was preparing me decades ago for this very excursion. God has given me a husband who loves lists and planning and without him, I'm not sure I'd get out of my house with everything I need. My personality isn't extremely Type A, but the fact is, I'm a mom and I'm used to being in charge of most everything that goes on during the day around my home. In the past few weeks, God has made it clear that none of this trip has anything to do with me - that everything has been taken care of and not by my own doing.


Let me explain. From the beginning we had to raise funding to cover the costs of our trip. We had a timeline to raise funds and were given financial reports when we were at the halfway point of the funding deadline. As they passed out the funding reports, I was as nervous as a kid in school getting a graded exam returned. What if I didn't have enough money yet? What if no one responded to the letters I sent? I was shocked to receive my report and see that not only had I received full funding by the half way point, I received a little more than the required amount which would be used to help another team member. The finances were "taken care of".

As planning and logistics are being discussed in these last few weeks before the trip I have been asked tons of questions by my husband and family like, "Where are you sleeping?" or "Who will prepare your food?" or "What time are the flights?Which airline are you using?". Unlike any other time in my life, I simply answer, "I don't know." I mean I really don't know any of the answers to these questions! And for the first time in my life, I'm ok with that! It's all being taken care of, down to the last detail. Someone has secured my flight reservations and accommodations. A friend marched into church on Sunday and shocked my by handing me some spending money to take along. Someone in Haiti is preparing to feed me while I am there. I even have health insurance coverage while I'm there - someone else has handled this. I've done nothing for myself except to pray, show up to a few training sessions and get together some clothes. I've really done nothing compared to what's been done for me.


Oh how this speaks to the love of our Lord!!! I've been bursting at the seams to share this with you! Our God, loves us so much and wants us with Him so badly, that He took care of everything. We really do nothing compared to what has been done for us! Jesus came to take our burdens, our guilt and everything that separates us from relationship with God and handles it all. We have fellowship with the God of the universe not by our own doing! We have done nothing to earn any of it except to pray, to show up and look up and say, "Ok, Jesus, it's your work and not my own. I get that. I accept that and thank you." After that, we continue to let the work of the Lord wash us and change us by way of a few "training sessions" or time in the Word. We fellowship with other sojourners to remain strengthened and encouraged.

When Jesus was on the cross completing his mission here on Earth, he made a simple statement that had the most profound impact on humanity. He said, "It is finished." No more shame, no more fear, no more separation. "I came to take you with me and a way has been made for you. It's all taken care of." Until this moment, man was striving in his own strength to know God and make a way for himself. Man was at a constant struggle within himself to be "good enough" to commune with the Lord. Man was making his own plans, sorting out details and maintaining supposed control of relationship with God.


So now when asked about my trip, I happily smile and say, "I don't know all the details, someone else took care of it." Inwardly, I smile because I know this is not just a statement about my trip to Haiti but Eternity.

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