The Faith of Women

I attended the Women of Faith conference this weekend with a very dear friend. It was a special time for so many reasons. My friend had never been to a large Christian women's conference and this happened to be the last time the tour would ever be in our area. The conference was ending a 20 year run and we were able to see the amazing teachers and worship leaders assembled on the same stage for the last time. Bittersweet for sure.

Many topics were covered over the course of the weekend. Knowing your purpose, marriage & family, leaving a legacy, and overcoming fear. These confident, modern heroes of the faith ushered 5,000 women to the foot of the cross to bask in the glory of God's love. I was blessed to be able to sit front row and look into their eyes and also meet and hug the many women around me.

It occurred to me last night as I went to bed that the Women of Faith conference is and was a powerful force. But even greater than this women's conference is the faith of women. Throughout the ages, God has used the powerful and mighty faith of women to change the course of history. Look back into your favorite Bible stories and you are likely to find a female either behind the scenes or in the forefront, praying and proclaiming God's goodness and power.

Ruth prayed for a redeemer. Esther prayed for the rescue of her nation. Rachel prayed to be loved. Mary was faithful to receive a message from the Lord and praise Him. Anna waited patiently for her Savior and blessed Him in the temple. Another Mary sat Jesus' feet and listened and learned most attentively. Mary Magdalene faithfully left a life of mental illness and promiscuity to follow a Savior many doubted. There are too many to name.

And there, in an arena in Fairfax, Virginia, I sat among many faithful women. An alcoholic and food addict who had the courage to choose sobriety and Jesus. A woman who called herself a narcissist and liar who now bravely leads a small army of young men to love God with all their hearts. A beautiful, gifted Bible teacher who struggled with horrendous mental illness but found healing in Scripture. Again, too many to name.

I wish I could have listened to every story there. I'm just sure it's all being recorded and noted in heaven just as we have a Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11. While I am sad that the Women of Faith conferences will no longer continue, I am confident that the women who attended this weekend were strengthened and fortified to impact their families and communities.


I am also confident that every woman of faith I know will change the course of her life, her family and potentially a nation by her prayers, service and dedication to the Lord. We live in a crazy, lost world. We are daily hit with the news of suicide, overdose, betrayal etc., etc., etc. Exhausting. It will be faithful women who hold their hands up in worship against the tidal wave of evil that change the world.

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