We Could Have Been on Jerry Springer

There was a time when my family could have been on Jerry Springer. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but Lifetime Movies for Women might have asked for movie rights. My life and family today, doesn't resemble the family we were about 10 years ago. Ten years ago I was an exhausted mother of two toddlers and struggled daily to do one task. My marriage was difficult and at that time I think we were ready to give up but no one was really brave enough to say it.

There were issues. There was depression, unforgiveness and addiction and emptiness. Of course our appearance was a cute little family of four but there was not oneness. We were not fully following God and including Christ in our day to day lives. The lack of relationship with Christ cost us for many years.

About that time, I had one of those "Jesus Take the Wheel" moments. Literally, pulling my car over to the side of the highway and pounding the steering wheel. Screaming for God to take it all because I was screwing it all up. I did not know how to help or even love my husband and I didn't know if I was even capable of motherhood. I'd like to say that at that moment, the sky opened up and life became a breeze and all was well. Quite the opposite really, I believe this opened the door for God to expose all that was broken and all that needed His love and healing. Life got hard, life got worse.

I've been challenged by Revelation 12:11 which says, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony...." This is from a powerful scene of the end times in which Satan and evil is being destroyed once and for all. Of course our focus is always on Jesus trampling Death by his own death on the cross. That His blood cleanses His people of sin and eventually redeems the world. But what about the second part of that statement? "and the word of their testimony..." It's almost as if Jesus gets a little help from us. Not that He needs our help but the Bible is saying that evil is destroyed by the words of our testimony. When we share how we have overcome and show people how Christ has worked in our lives, Hell shrinks back.

There is a fine line between airing dirty laundry and sharing our testimony. I often fear sharing and have experienced women sharing mine as juicy gossip and not honoring my story. That hurts. But I won't allow the Evil One to stop me and stop the healing. I have had women weep before me because their marriages were failing or motherhood was too hard and I have been able to truthfully look into her eyes and promise them that it can be better. I have been counseled by others who shared their raw and real stories that mirrored mine. And because of them, I was able to try another day. I knew that God saw me because He spoke through their words and prayers.

It blows my mind that God would even include us in the destruction of evil. We mess up so much and quite frankly I don't really think Jesus needs our help. What God is giving us is an opportunity to be a part of the renewal and the beauty He is bring about. He promises to make all things new. Imagine watching it happen before your eyes. This is the power of your testimony. The testimony of where you were and how God brought you out. Maybe you're not through the pain yet, maybe you are in middle. I bet you know God better than before. Ask God to show you someone who needs to hear this. Take a risk and be one of the overcomers who takes part in trampling Death.


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