What's So Good?

While Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday is the headlining holiday of the Christian calendar, today is Good Friday. Good Friday has meant so much more to me over the years as my faith has deepened and I have become more aware of the circumstances surrounding my Savior's death and resurrection.

The time in which Christ walked the earth was a politically charged period with many factions vying for power and influence. Powerful empires and ultra religious leaders sought to take power by force. Minority groups were put under foot and were enslaved by impossible social and political situations. And Jesus Christ walked among them to bring about a love revolution - no riots, no burning buildings, no hate speech. Simply an explanation of a loving Father, descriptions of real freedom and the promise of life to the fullest. And for that, He was brutally murdered.

But as SM Lockridge so eloquently reminded us many years ago in his famous message - it's Friday but Sunday is coming. Jesus did not stay in that tomb and neither did the hopes and desires of those who trusted in Him then or now. Friday is good because it means Sunday is coming and Sunday is about never having to hunt for hope again.

Please take the few minutes to view the video below, because SM Lockridge said it better than this blogger: